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Expertise – our experience – your tool

The course was developed by experts of the Qmall cryptocurrency exchange. Learn financial literacy from the best!

Crypto community – 450,000+ users. EU licenses, access to the international market. The most modern crypto tools, NFT marketplace and development of own ecosystem

Relevance – now is the best time

Cryptocurrencies are growing fast, changing the world economy and developing! Without their understanding, you risk being left behind

Maybe it's enough to postpone for tomorrow what will make you financially stable today?

Base of crypto-knowledge without any excessive information

All aspects of the cryptocurrency world - from the basics to profitable strategies and patterns - in one place

Something that improves the brain and the state of crypto wallet

Online format – we appreciate your rhythm of life

Study conveniently, free, flexibly anywhere in the world and change your financial situation!

Your crypto academy is on your phone

Affordability - don't spend what you can invest

We do our best to make our education available to everyone eager. Our course is available for all Qmall users who is subscribed to Qmall Premium!

Qmall's philosophy is to make crypto accessible to everyone!

The “Crypto Base” course will help you:

The course from the leading European exchange Qmall is available for Qmall Premium subscribers
Analyze and avoid risks
Easily and quickly enter the world of cryptocurrencies
Get solid basic knowledge for an easy start in crypto
Invest safely and consciously

The course is for you if you

Beginner who wants to understand what cryptocurrency is, how the industry works and how to accumulate this knowledge in practice for your own benefit!

from scratch to a conscious trader who know how to use various crypto tools, builds his own strategies, makes informed decisions and avoids risks and mistakes

Your path from 0 to a trader:

Crypto base

  • Lesson 1. Introduction to economics
  • Lesson 2. How and why money appeared
  • Lesson 3. History of cryptocurrencies #1 (appearance)
  • Lesson 4. History of cryptocurrencies #2 (formation)
  • Lesson 5. What is blockchain technology (DLT)
  • And 5 more lessons

Let's become Junior Cryptans

  • Lesson 11. Fundamentals of economics
  • Lesson 12. Participants of the economy and their positions on the crypto market
  • Lesson 13. Why are cryptocurrencies important? (Features and possibilities)
  • Lesson 14. How cryptocurrency transfers take place
  • Lesson 15. Transactions with cryptocurrencies
  • And 6 more lessons

Develop your inner strategist

  • Lesson 22. How the Bitcoin network works
  • Lesson 23. About staking and farming
  • Lesson 24. Launchpad - the most profitable entrance to the crypto?
  • Lesson 25. Airdrop - how to get crypto for free
  • Lesson 26. Cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • And 22 more lessons

Initiation into cryptoguru

  • Lesson 50. About the consensus mechanism
  • Lesson 51. About consensus mechanisms (part 2)
  • Lesson 52. About consensus mechanisms (part 3)
  • Lesson 53. Blockchain security issues
  • Lesson 54. Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks (L1), (L2)
  • And 45 more lessons

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
  • Create your own strategies not intuitively, but consciously
  • Use knowledge for your own safety and successful investments
  • Analyze the market and predict trends

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