AIRDROP QMALL Qmall held a unique Airdrop, in which users could get QMALL tokens for performing simple actions. Airdrop Qmall finished
To get QMALL tokens
Sign Up Sign Up on the exchange
Verify Go through full verification process
Subscription Subscribe to social networks
Deposit Make a deposit of at least 200 ₴
Airdrop features Token value at the opening auction: 1 QMALL = 1 ₴
For registering with your referral link (if the referral also complied with the Airdrop conditions), you will receive QMALL tokens worth 100 ₴
Each user will receive QMALL tokens equivalent to 500 ₴ for completing the conditions of Airdrop
You will get 50 ₴ QMALL tokens for signing up through your referral link (if your referral has also completed the terms of your Airdrop).
Rules of Airdrop If you want to participate in an Airdrop, you have to find the rules of the contest and the logic of obtaining rewards in advance.
Airdrop start date: 01.12.2021
Airdrop expiration date: 01.02.2022
Trade Opening Date: 15.02.2022
You or your friend who registered and fulfilled the Airdrop conditions and registration AFTER 01.02.2022 via a referral link will NOT lead to receipt of an Airdrop.
Noncompliance with any of the conditions will NOT result in joining the Airdrop.
Rewards classification
Each user will receive an equivalent of 500 ₴ in QMALL tokens for Airdrop requirements completion.
You will receive an equivalent of 100 ₴ in QMALL tokens for registration through your referral link (if the referral completed Airdrop conditions).
You will receive an equivalent of 50 ₴ in QMALL tokens for signing up via your referral link (if the referral completed Airdrop conditions).
You and your friend will get tokens for his invitation to the exchange ONLY if your friend registered through YOUR REFERRAL LINK and fulfilled ALL CONDITIONS of the Airdrop.
If your friend registered via a direct link and fulfilled all Airdrop Terms and Conditions, only he/she will get the bonus.
Rewards received will be available on the balance according to the Logic of Reward Receipt.
Reward Receipt Logic All Airdrop tokens will be unlocked/distributed after the Airdrop in the equivalent of 10% of the sum of the received tokens each quarter, starting from the trading opening day of the Qmall token.
Start 15.02.2022
Duration 3 months
Expiry 15.03.2022
Amount/step 0
Start 15.03.2022
Duration 24 months
Interval 3 months
Expiry 15.03.2024
Amount/step 750 000
TGE: 10% on 15.02.2022
Amount: 20 000 000