Explore the future of the metaverse with Qmall
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About Qverse

The game platform is a large open world where users can move freely. The whole world consists of blocks, each block can be broken, thereby extracting resources. From these resources, the user can create new blocks and elements, and from them, whole objects can be created.
The possibilities of the game in creating new objects are limited only by the user's imagination. And everyone can show their creativity by creating something unique. This encourages the player to explore the world to find and extract new elements, to study the creativity of other players, and also keeps them in the universe, encouraging them to create something of their own.

Exclusive pass to the Metaverse

10 holders of Bitcoin NFTs from the Qverse Pass collection will be the first to play QVerse, and will be able to become a metaverse administrator and develop it together with the team.

Qverse features

Connection with the exchange and the Qmall marketplace
The connection with the exchange allows users to withdraw the tokens collected by Qmall to their balance. And the connection with the marketplace will open up the possibility of buying and selling rare game items, as well as the ability to integrate NFTs into the meta-universe as an art gallery.
Quick start in the game
Download the application, click on the "Start" button, and you are already in the game, and the user will be able to register and link to the exchange later, when he or she is already involved in the gameplay.
The game world will grow and develop due to new continents with different climatic conditions, special resources, new enemies, etc.
Special skins
Skins can be either cosmetic in nature to stand out from the crowd or contain additional characteristics or unique features that will give you an advantage over other players. Each such item is an NFT that a player can buy or sell on the NFT Marketplace.
Buying and selling lands
Qverse is an open world where every player can interact with the world as they wish. But if a user has bought land, no one can change anything on it except the owner. Thus, users can construct buildings that others cannot destroy.
The game world may contain special blocks that can be broken only with a special pickaxe that can be purchased in the NFT marketplace. When breaking such blocks, the user receives a Qmall token.