Qmall cryptocard

Become the owner of a crypto card from Qmall

Pay with crypto without spending time on conversion and unnecessary fees

Qmall Cards

It is easy to order a Q-card

Register an account on Qmall Exchange
Pass personal verification
Select the desired card type - CLASSIC or GOLD
Fill out an application for the desired card through the widget on the website
Receive a card
Card registration is free for users with a monthly premium subscription to Qmall

Manage the crypto card with the Qmall mobile application

  • Top up your balance easily
  • Make SEPA transfers
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Set limits

Terms of use of cards

Payment through POS-terminals in retail chains
Payment via Google Pay and Apple Pay
Cash withdrawal from ATMs (up to 2,000 EUR per day and 20,000 EUR per month)
  • POS-transaction limits (euro). Daily 5000 EUR
  • POS-transaction limits (euro). Monthly 50,000 EUR
  • USDT to EUR conversion 1% of the amount

Partner bonuses

  • The list of partners is regularly expanding, and with it - your opportunities in the QMALL network.
  • Information about existing and new partnerships is posted on our website and social networks. You can always find out any relevant information through your personal QMALL manager.


Regarding the safe use of payment cards. To eliminate possible problems and safely use your payment card (hereinafter referred to as the card), you must follow the following rules:

  • Safety recommendations for using payment cards issued by PJSC MTB
  • Change of PIN code in ATM
  • What to do in case of card loss or theft?
  • Electronic and mobile applications
  • How does the QMALL crypto card work?
  • How to top up the QMALL crypto card?