Get the most out of Qmall Premium

What does the subscription give?

Access to 3% staking of the Qmall token
Discount on trading fees up to 0.1%, closing staking - up to 0% (Soon), P2P transactions - up to 0% (Soon)
Discounts in the partner network of WOG gas stations, up to 6 UAH per liter when purchasing fuel (Soon)
Access to the educational crypto course from Qmall and a certificate upon completion
Free registration and maintenance of a crypto card
Concierge service 24/7

Terms of use

  • Crypto payment for goods and services
  • Fast transfers from balance and between cards
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds through ATMs/cash desks
  • Access to Classic Qbox at 36% on the exchange
  • Pleasant bonuses from QMALL partner companies
You can get acquainted with full Qmall Premium Terms of Use at this link .


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